4 key roles of your designated person ashore (DPA)

Giuseppe Corrado

Giuseppe Corrado

Riela Yachts Deputy DPA and Safety and Compliance Manager

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What is a Designated Person Ashore (DPA)?

The Designated Person Ashore (DPA) has the overall responsibility for all matters relating to the Safety Management System (SMS ). Having full access to the Directors of the Company, the DPA is able to ensure that adequate resources are available, and tasks are delegated, if required, whilst retaining overall responsibility. Importantly, if these areas are not delegated then the Directors of the Company retain these responsibilities.

If you are a Director for company owning a commercially owned vessel (500GT or more) which follows the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, you are required by maritime law to have a DPA. Even if you do not follow the ISM Code you can still voluntarily adopt aspects of its best practices. In fact, there are several privately registered yachts who choose to appoint an experienced person or company to undertake similar responsibilities of a DPA to oversee the implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS). This is referred to as ‘Mini-ISM’ and typically provided to yachts less than 500GT, however this may also be dependent on the flag state.

As outlined by the ISM Code, the DPA’s primary responsibilities revolve around the safety management and pollution prevention aspects of a vessel’s operation; this includes emergency response procedures. However, there is a misconception that emergency response is the only role of a DPA. Within the umbrella term of ‘safety’, there are many other distinct roles a DPA will implement. Their duties and responsibilities vary, but here are 4 key roles you may or may not already know.

Roles of a designated person ashore (DPA):

1. Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation

The Captain is responsible for the implementation of the Company’s Safety Management System (SMS) onboard, by ensuring that the requirements of the SMS are followed, through regular maintenance, running drills and making constant improvements. A DPA compliments this onboard activity by incorporating lessons learned from past incidents across the fleet of yachts operating under the same SMS. The result? Safety in numbers is effective and efficient. Yachts that ‘go at it alone’ are not able to benefit from the information, running the risk of having to learn all of these lessons themselves by investing a significant amount of time studying the safety bulletins from the IMO, flag and class. Time that could be spent on the successful implementation onboard and supporting crew operations.

2. Supporting a Strong Safety Culture and Ensuring Continuous Improvement

A DPA supports and encourages a strong safety culture both onboard and ashore. From implementation to operation, this is achieved through disciplined training activities and overseeing onboard familiarisation and training programmes. The additional oversight and accountability ensure all crew are aware of the standards and benefits of adhering to the ISM Code.

By monitoring reports and providing analysis to the shore-based safety company a DPA can report any actions or recommendations to ensure continuous improvement of vessel operations. In particular, regarding matters of safety and pollution prevention.

A DPA can maintain a view of the big picture to allow Captain’s and their crew to concentrate on the day-to-day operations and tasks. Working together succinctly ensures the SMS remains fit for purpose, at all times.

3. Ensuring All Parties Understand and Correctly Implement the Company Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

This includes ensuring the Safety and Environmental Protection policy is fit for purpose and regularly reviewed. An effective policy lays out the company’s aims and objectives and details how they are achieved. It is imperative that everyone onboard and ashore fully understand the importance of this policy and work together to ensure the policy objectives are met. A DPA will scrutinise documentation published through the SMS to ensure this remains the case and therefore keeping the yacht ISM compliant.

4. Reviewing All Reports of Non-Conformities, Hazardous Situations or Accidents Received from The Various Vessels Operating the SMS

Any non-conformity, hazardous situation or accident is serious. Each and every report of this type requires a root cause analysis. A DPA and their team will work closely with Captains and Crew to identify what happened and how to avoid recurrence in the future. Referring to the first role mentioned above, a subsequent task completed by a DPA by sharing this information with the rest of the managed fleet presents an opportunity to avoid the recurrence across all yachts operating under the same SMS.

Our Deputy DPA, Giuseppe Corrado, is writing a new article about his experience as a DPA on his LinkedIn profile, click here to connect with him.

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Robert brings over 25 years of successful leadership and entrepreneurial experience across a range of industries including Family Office, corporate services, construction engineering, Superyachts, cyber security and information technology development to our Group, and to our customers.

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Clive brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our Company and has earned a reputation for providing a professional and pragmatic approach to the delivery of our services.

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Giuseppe Corrado

Safety & Compliance Manager | Director

Giuseppe Corrado is a Safety & Compliance Manager / Deputy DPA, CSO and Director at Riela Yachts UK. Giuseppe ensures that our Safety Management System is fit for purpose and correctly implemented across the fleet of superyachts.

After 8 years in the cruise sector Giuseppe moved ashore to further his studies at university attaining a Bsc (Hons) degree in Marine Operations Management. Since joining in 2015, Giuseppe is very much enjoying the new challenges that the yachting industry brings

Having worked both onboard and shore-based, Giuseppe brings a range of skills, knowledge and contacts to our company and has earned a reputation for supporting a strong safety culture and providing a practical and professional approach to the delivery of company services.

Email: giuseppe@riela-yachts.com

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George Riela Yachts

George Self

Safety & Compliance Manager

George Self is a Safety & Compliance Manager and responsible for the implementation and development of operational compliance for yachts at the company.

Accruing a 10-year service of sea time, beginning as a deckhand before respectfully concluding her career as a Chief Officer, George now contributes a wealth of first-hand practice and insight into the support she now provides to yachts daily. George also brings shore side experience from her time working at a number of established Ship Management firms on the Isle of Man.

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Ken - Riela Yachts

Ken Hickling


Ken Hickling is a company Director at Riela Yachts (UK) Ltd.

Ken has spent over 30 years working in the Yachting industry at Boatyards and materials manufacturers, and more recently as a Specialist Business Advisor. During this time Ken has served as International Superyacht Society (ISS) President and is currently on the Superyacht UK Executive Committee. He also works as a project leader on the ISO work group focused on Superyacht Quality.

The experience that he brings to The Riela Group in optimising our internal business processes helps to ensure that the quality of service we provide to our clients is at the highest level.

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Louise Gimson

HR & Senior Finance Administrator

Louise Gimson is a Senior Administrator and responsible for the day to day running of the company and client accounts at the Riela Yachts.

With an extensive background in finance, Louise brings almost twenty years’ experience in accounts within the ship management industry to Riela Yachts, where she is dedicated to implementing dynamic solutions to benefit clients.

Louise has diversified her responsibilities by taking on data handling duties within the company and in 2016 began assisting the Operations Team with internal compliance procedures.

Matthew Roberts - Riela Yachts

Matthew Roberts

Head of Group Sales

As the Head of Group Sales at the Riela family of companies, Matthew leads the company’s sales strategy, execution, and growth.

Matthew has a successful record building trusted client relationship and delivering upon set expectations. An accomplished sales leader, he delivers a sales process that provides clients with the information and support they need to make the right decisions for their organisations and their constituents.

Matthew has significant experience within the maritime industry having previously worked across various sectors including insurance, security, satellite communications and managed IT. Matthew’s most recent experience encompasses almost 5 years spent with the leading satellite communications and managed IT provider in the maritime industry, focusing on their superyacht clientele.

Email: matthew@riela-group.com

Telephone: +44 7425 314973

Mark Bridson - Riela Yachts

Mark Bridson

Product & Development Specialist

Mark Bridson is a Product and Development specialist and responsible for the integration of Laserfiche within the company and the developing of an electronic Safety Management System.

Marks career started in the Royal Air Force as a data analyst maintaining Aircraft engineering records and the provision of Aircraft statistics.

Returning to the Island Mark spent the next 25 years working in IT for an aircraft design company. In this role he provided Computer Aided Design and document management support for offices within the UK and Europe.

Moving from the Aircraft industry to Maritime, Mark has spent two years with a Yachting software solutions company using Laserfiche to design purchase ordering systems for Superyachts.

Email: mark.bridson@riela-yachts.com

Christian Moore

Product & Development Lead

Christian Moore is our Product and Development Lead responsible for translating the requirements and operations of the Safety and Compliance team and implementing this into the forefront of the eSMS solution.

After graduating in 2011 Christian began a graduate trainee scheme at a Yacht Management company, working interdepartmentally gaining experience in all aspects associated with the yacht industry. Christian subsequently became part of the Operations Team in 2012.

As well as the experience taken from his previous roles, Christian has gained proficiency in implementing electronic document management solutions for yachts. These skills are being capitalised on in the roll-out of the company’s electronic Safety Management System (eSMS) and other projects.

Email: christian@riela-yachts.com

Telephone: +44 1624 605664

Megan Crouthers - Riela Yachts

Megan Crouthers

Safety & Compliance Manager

Megan Crouthers is a Safety & Compliance Manager and responsible for the implementation and development of operational compliance for superyachts in our fleet.

Primarily from an administration background Megan joined Inserve Yachts three years ago. She is well versed and experienced in ISM, ISPS & MLC2006 and was subsequently promoted to Safety & Compliance Manger in January 2018.

Megan has a passion for the superyacht industry and through her work promotes an effective and efficient safety culture achieved by working closely with clients offering practical support and guidance.

Email: megan@riela-yachts.com

Telephone: +44 2380 633794

René Otto

Financial Manager

René Otto is the Financial Manager at Riela Yachts and responsible for overseeing the financial and accounting systems at the company.

René is a qualified chartered Accountant with over 18 years’ experience in administering finance and corporate services within the shipping, telecommunications and property maintenance industry.

Specialising in arranging financial and corporate service solutions for clients, René can provide the tools to ease the administrative load and bring peace of mind to our clients.

Tina - Riela Yachts

Tina Dahn

Crew Officer

Tina Dahn is a Crew Officer and responsible for the administration of yacht crew contracts, monthly payroll and crew certification at Riela Yachts.

After a 12 year service in the Royal Navy undertaking various administration and PA roles, Tina began working for the NHS in 2001 and was responsible for duties including managing payroll, recruitment and HR administration.

Tina returned to the Isle of Man to undertake the role of Crewing Officer in the superyacht industry in 2011, where she oversaw a portfolio of clients whom she provided crew employment, administration and payroll services.

Email: tina@riela-yachts.com

Telephone: +44 1624 605658

Christian Goelz

Christian goelz


Christian is involved across the Riela family of companies with particular attention to the technology businesses, Cyber and Tech.

Christian gained a postgraduate Master in Finance degree at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland and completed his MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Before joining us, Christian worked for six years at Argosy Capital, an Isle of Man-based private equity and venture capital business focusing on early-stage growth businesses. At Argosy, he focused on managing investment companies, research and financial analysis and served as a director on several boards.

Email: christian.goelz@riela-group.com

Telephone: +44 7624 222 567

Ewelina Cieliszak

Safety & Compliance Administrator

Ewelina Cieliszak joined in September 2018 as trainee Safety & Compliance Administrator supporting both the Operations & Crewing Departments. Ewelina is very excited to start her new career in the super yacht industry and hopes her fresh approach will complement the already experienced and knowledgeable Riela Yachts team.

On graduating from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin in 2014, she relocated to the Isle of Man from her native Poland. Since then Ewelina has worked in different fields and has developed outstanding customer relations skills. During her time as senior cabin crew with an international airline Ewelina has developed a strong understanding of essential concepts of safety & compliance. This has provided her with a sound basis for her transition to the maritime world and a welcome addition to the team at Riela Yachts.

Lucy Banks - Riela Yachts


Junior Finance Administrator

Lucy Banks joined Riela Yachts as a Trainee Finance Administrator and is responsible for financial administrative tasks within Riela Yachts Group.

An Isle of Man University-College graduate, Lucy joined Riela Yachts in November 2018 bringing experience and vocational qualifications from her previous employment into accounts and client relations at Riela Yachts.

Lucy has a proven track record of delivering solutions and easing the administrative burden, which brings peace of mind to our clients.

Alex Halsall - Riela Yachts

Alexandria halsall

Marketing Executive

As a Marketing Executive, Alex is responsible for all marketing duties spanning the Riela Group.

Alex joined the Riela Group in August 2020, shortly after graduating with a Psychology degree from Nottingham Trent University.

With past work experience in content marketing, event management and web design, Alex is able to apply her creative and analytical skills into the Riela strategy.

Email: alex@riela-group.com

Telephone: +44 7706 806443