Crew Admin & Payroll

The successful operation of a superyacht relies on its crew and the challenge extends beyond simply hiring the best people.

Riela’s Crew Management and Payroll Services help Captains and department heads ensure that the bureaucracy of employment, payroll, certification, banking and administration does not become a burden, while facilitating deployment, repatriation and the necessities of Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) compliance.

Managing your crew within the boundaries of employment law and taxation regimes will help prevent any unwelcome surprises that can break up a winning team or unravel a well-planned voyage.

Riela’s employment services act as a bona fide crew employer, rather than just a shell company or payroll business, covering all applicable elements such as starting and ending work, salary calculations, facilitating payment of seafarer taxes, pension provision, liability limitation, vacation scheduling, employment letters and references, disciplinary procedures, plus alcohol and drug testing.

Riela’s Seafarer Employment Agreements (SEA’s) are written in internationally acceptable form and are available in electronic format, and our crew management systems are compliant with all relevant Flag state conventions.

All crew certificates and contracts are held online, stored on Riela’s own proprietary infrastructure which in turn is managed and supported by our in-house Cyber Security team, and there’s no more need to courier crew contracts around the world for signing thanks to our electronic signature system.

Riela works with the Captain and/or manager to ensure the employment model complements the way they wish to run the yacht, is suitable for the type of superyacht and the areas the yacht cruises in, and the nationalities and country of domicile for the individual seafarers.

Riela’s dedicated crew managers also offer day-to-day support for the logistical requirements that running a global business presents, and our travel partner provides 24/7 access to marine fares and other essential travel services. Riela have supported superyachts with Arctic/Antarctic expeditions, and deal with an international network of trusted port and Customs agents encompassing the most diverse of cruising areas, from the Amazon River to the Caspian Sea.