electronic Safety Management System (eSMS)

A Safety Management System (SMS) underpins the safety of the crew and the environment when operating a Yacht.

Seagoing vessels must comply with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. This is the international standard of safety at sea.

“We wanted to create a fully paperless environment aboard a superyacht where possible, and reduce the time spent on the Safety Managment System (SMS). The crew can spend more time on their real job, which is ensuring the owner enjoys their asset to the fullest.”

How our Safety Management System (SMS) is different

Historically, a yacht Safety Management System (SMS) has been paper-based. More recently this has evolved into storing word documents or scanned forms in public cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Riela Yachts has developed an electronic safety management system (eSMS) which has many advantages over the legacy systems.

Using Laserfiche, Riela Yachts has created a repository for manuals in the company’s safety management system (SMS). There are more than 30 reporting forms for critical activities. This includes arrival and departure checklists as well as accident reports.

How our yacht clients benefit from our eSMS

The electronic forms provide the crew with live communication with the DPA. This instant access adds enhanced safety oversight to activities onboard, such as Permits to Work. The electronic forms enable the DPA to review and approve submissions in real-time from multiple vessels, providing instant feedback.

Our yacht clients also benefit from the sophisticated documentation and certificate management within the system. The data synchronises seamlessly and securely to each vessel’s repository. This ensures the crew have the most updated information whilst retaining detailed, auditable records.

The use of our electronic Safety Management System (eSMS) is the most efficient way to disseminate the information and procedures required by the ISM Code.

The digitalisation of the Safety Management System (SMS) has also eliminated the printing, shipping and storage of manuals to yachts around the world. Our product development team are also able to facilitate the time pressures of supporting yachts by dispatching a complete system to clients within 48 hours, once a contract is signed.

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