Crew Management

We understand that efficient maritime operation relies on successful superyacht crew management. However, this challenge extends beyond simply hiring the best people.

Riela’s Superyacht Crew Management and payroll Services help Captains and department heads ensure that the bureaucracy of employment, payroll, certification and administration does not become a burden while facilitating deployment, repatriation and the necessities of Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) compliance.

It is crucial for crew management to be effectively managed within the boundaries of employment law and taxation regimes. This way, any unwelcome surprises which could break up a winning team or unravel a well-planned voyage can be prevented.

Employment Models

Riela provides crew three employment models suitable for all superyachts, both commercially and privately registered. Employment models are ensured to be suitable for the areas they are cruised in, the nationalities and the country of domicile for the individual seafarers.

To find out more about our employment models, please contact us here.