A Safety Management System (SMS) underpins the safety of the crew, passengers and the environment. Commercially registered vessels over 500GT must comply with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. This, in conjunction with the Safety of Life at Sea Convention and its associated codes are the international standards of safety at sea.



The eSMS offers dynamic checklists which can be easily reviewed, filled, and submitted electronically.


Never miss renewing a certificate onboard again with our approach to certification.


By providing automatic storage for all digital files, the eSMS allows for searchable and auditable history.


Intuitive forms with real-time DPA oversight to push the standards of safety higher.

spot checks

Random spot checks are conducted to ensure maximum safety of crew.

Dual connectivity

Continuing without internet, the eSMS will securely sync records ashore once internet connection returns.


Historically, a yachts’ SMS have been paper-based. More recently this has evolved into transferring and storing files digitally; we are proud to have been at the forefront of this change.

Riela Yachts has developed an electronic Safety Management System (eSMS) which has many advantages over the legacy systems.

Riela Yachts has created a repository for manuals comprising the company’s SMS. This is supported by a library of interactive forms and checklists.

In 2019, we were proud to accept the ‘Industry Disrupter’ award for the way in which we use Laserfiche to revolutionise communication within the yachting industry.

Working with Laserfiche is what enables us to provide clear, fast and intelligent communication between ashore and onboard operations.

Find out more about our award here.

Some highlights from our presentation with Christian Moore.


The electronic forms provide the crew with interactive communication with the Safety & Compliance Team and the DPA. This almost instant interaction adds enhanced safety oversight to activities onboard, such as Permits to Work. The electronic forms enable the Safety & Compliance Team and, as required the DPA, to review and approve submissions in near real-time from multiple vessels, providing timely feedback.

Our clients also benefit from the sophisticated documentation and certificate management within the system. The data synchronises seamlessly and securely to each vessel’s repository. This ensures the crew have the most updated information whilst retaining detailed, auditable records.

The use of our eSMS is an efficient way to disseminate the information and procedures required by the ISM Code.

The digitalisation of the SMS has also eliminated the printing, shipping and storage of manuals to yachts around the world. Our product development team are also able to facilitate the time pressures of supporting yachts by dispatching a complete system to clients within 48 hours, once a contract is signed.

what our clients say

The Riela eSMS is a Logical and intuitive system with great staff behind the scenes genuinely striving to provide an efficient and effective means to manage safety on board.
M/Y 80M
I like how Riela are constantly looking to improve their eSMS product. In the year or so I have been using it I can see the progress and look forward to seeing how it moves going forward.
M/Y 66M
The Riela eSMS is a helpful tool to save you time and money.
M/Y 50M
The Riela eSMS is the best ISM platform and format I have experienced on a yacht thus far. Easy to use, easy to integrate and most importantly effective in application onboard. 10/10 to the team at Riela for their support, teaching and flexibility in making the system work specific to what is realistic on board.
M/Y 60M+
The Riela eSMS is a step ahead in Yachting administration, bringing a very reliable product that can be customized for an end user easily and very quickly.
M/Y 55M

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