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We understand that each client has a unique set of requirements. This is why, working with our sister company, Riela Cyber, we will conduct a cyber risk assessment prior to recommending controls and measures to reduce the cyber risks onboard. Together with Riela Cyber, we offer the following cyber risk assessments to superyachts:

remote cyber risk assessment

imo aligned cyber risk assessment

owner-centric security audit

superyacht cyber security riela cyber

The remote cyber risk assessment was convenient and well run by obviously knowledgeable people.

It was a great initial step on our road to compliance.

Captain, m/y 90m+

industry guidelines

We have sought to bring our cyber security expertise from securing land-based businesses and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) to the Superyacht industry. Using our cyber security expertise and the in-house knowledge of our colleagues at Riela Yachts to ensure we comply with the maritime industry guidelines and meet the functional objectives of the ISM Code. These are the industry guidelines and framework we incorporate within our Superyacht cyber security services:

Explore our full range of solutions at Riela Cyber. Of particular value, our Security Operations Centre (SOC) will work to overcome some of the unique cyber barriers faced by Superyachts and their Ultra-High-Net-Worth Owners. Using the Riela SOC, we will work with you to build a bespoke cyber security strategy to control all of your cyber security requirements.

cyber security awarness training

Did you know that human error is one of the largest causes of cyber attacks? Don’t let your crew let you down. At Riela Cyber we recommend educating your crew about cyber risks and changing their behaviour, in addition to physically securing your operations and software.

fewer security incidents caused by crew

Data shows the effectiveness of security controls and awareness activities. It helps you make better decisions.


Show the auditors, management and Directors of the owning company/family office that you’re reducing risk, cost-effectively.​


Review people’s motivations and track their behaviours. See what this means for risk and security culture.​
Riela Cyber CybSafe
CybSafe for Superyachts

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Carey Cooper

Cyber Security Specialist

“There are a variety of factors that need to be considered. Attackers are now specifically targeting yachts with targeted phishing emails with payloads to attack Operational Technology (OT) systems.” 

Matthew Roberts

Head of Group Sales

“Knowledge is power. By identifying the cyber risks that exist onboard, using subject matter experts, Captain’s, yacht managers and crew can start to improve their own behaviours and attitudes towards cyber security.”

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