5 Things We Miss About Superyacht Events

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2020 saw many ups and downs for the yachting industry, with the uncertainty of superyacht events being one of the most noticeable. However, as a community it was encouraging to see that we found alternative ways to communicate with one another; adapting to the circumstances and utilising online technologies to further benefit the industry.

Despite immense efforts to retain normality over the past year, there is still nothing quite like attending the usual calendar of prestigious superyacht events in person.

Reminiscing on our past event attendance, we have rounded up 5 things which we miss most about superyacht events.

1. Sharing the latest technological advancements in yachting

At Riela Yachts, we find superyacht technology to be one of the most interesting talking points of a yacht show. It not only enables us to move forward as an industry, but also gives us the opportunity to continuously improve our solutions to better suit the modern superyacht.

The virtual YARE 2020 event was a great platform to present the details of our latest developments and innovations. Although a great chance to connect, it unfortunately did not provide attendees the opportunity to engage with us or our products on a deeper level. This is an aspect of shows that we miss, and attendees miss out on as the specific detail and self-discovery that would flourish at an in-person event is lost.

Our colleagues at Riela Cyber also attended YARE 2020, If you missed their ‘passerelle pitch’ showing the simplicity and effectiveness of their remote cyber risk assessment presented by Matthew Roberts, you can watch it by clicking here or the image below.

2. being surrounded by yachts

Our offices are bursting with yacht enthusiasts, so the ability for us to travel to the marinas, shipyards and yachting hubs to meet with clients, peers, partners and friends is what we miss. Being surrounded by yacht enthusiasts in the office is one thing but the chance to be surrounded by the hillsides of Monaco or walking down ‘Quai des Milliardaires’ in Antibes is something we long for. Particularly, as the Isle of Man isn’t exactly known for its superyacht-worthy weather!

3. friendly faces

Above anything, superyacht events are a chance for Owners, Captains, Industry Professionals and Enthusiasts alike to catch-up with one another. We miss bumping into friendly faces where there is almost always an opportunity to catch up over a cold (or hot) beverage in warmer climes. 

4. New Faces

As well as friendly faces, superyacht events are a great way to get to know new people in the yachting industry. We are conscious that for many individuals at the start of their career, the opportunity to network with experts in all areas of the industry is invaluable. We hope all newcomers will be able to have an opportunity like this later in the year.

5. The Atmosphere

As soon as you take your first step off the plane, hot air hits you as if you are stepping onto the sun. You have made it; good times are to follow. Remember the feeling?
We miss travelling to and from yachting events and the atmosphere which comes with it.

Riela Yachts attending a superyacht event
Christian Moore and Giuseppe Corrado soaking up the sun and atmosphere at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show

We are hopeful that some superyacht events will take place in 2021. However, it is understandable that due to varying restrictions, it will likely be a very different experience.

Whatever happens, we are taking matters into our own hands. We will be publishing new content throughout the year via our Superyacht Blog and social media channels to keep our community connected. 

Plans are also underway for us to host virtual events in the future. Our aim is to differentiate the event from the endless webinars that were put on last year. We hope to channel the 5 Things We Miss About Superyacht Events into an event which provides all attendees an interactive and engaging experience.  

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