client confidentiality
and data privacy

our approach

The digital age has dramatically altered the landscape for owners wishing to maintain privacy within the yachting industry. 

At Riela Yachts we are committed to ensuring the highest standard of confidentiality and data privacy for our clients. Thriving in the success of our clients is something we aspire for. However, we agree that success doesn’t need to be shared in order for it to mean something. For us, our client’s safety is the most important thing of all, this must take priority.

The truth is, we would love to show you everything we do… but we can’t.

Within the Riela family of companies, we offer measures that our clients can take to increase levels of privacy, such as corporate company formation and the adoption of bespoke cyber security services. On top of this, we assure all Riela Yachts clients with the highest standard of data privacy protection.

how we ensure your data privacy

Through the use of the Riela Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC), the Riela Yachts team is able to ensure that confidentiality and data protection practices are followed in every solution.

The use of the Riela Cyber SOC allows continuous threat hunting and modelling practices in order to identify and minimise the risk of any data breach at Riela Yachts. As one of our clients, you can be assured that network forensics, network appliance monitoring and endpoint management procedures are constantly in place to monitor any threat to the online environment we place your data on.

In addition to the extensive vulnerability and risk mitigation practices in place, Riela Cyber have developed detailed incident response and coordination plans to quickly react to any cyber incident. 

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