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We understand that efficient maritime operation relies on successful superyacht crew management. However, this challenge extends beyond simply hiring the best people.

Riela’s Superyacht Crew Management and Payroll Services allows Captains and department heads to ensure that the bureaucracy of employment, payroll, certification and administration does not become a burden while facilitating deployment, repatriation, Flag State regulation and, where appropriate, the necessities of Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) compliance. 

It is crucial for crew management to be effectively managed within the boundaries of employment law and taxation regimes. This way, any unwelcome surprises which could break up a winning team or unravel a well-planned voyage can be prevented.

Why Outsource Crew Management Services?

Hassle free employment

We provide support to the Owning Company/Management Company and afford the Captain time to focus on the day to day running of the yacht.

never miss a pay day again

Our seamless payroll services allow for reliable salary payments, taking responsibility for all aspects of crew employment.

we will handle the sensitive matters

We will take on the more challenging side of employment so that you don't have to.

management services

Riela works to provide employment models suitable for all superyachts, both commercially and privately registered via a subsidiary company, Athena Crew Services Limited. Employment models are ensured to be suitable for the areas they are cruised in, the nationalities and the country of domicile for the individual seafarers.

By Athena Crew Services Limited acting as the “Crew Employer”, we are able to take care of all challenges which owners and managers wish to delegate. This can include:

Employment Services
We take on the responsibility of issuing Seafarer Employment Agreements (written in line with Flag State policy), employment letters, references and digital signature software.
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Payroll Services
From salary calculations to the issuing of wage slips, we will handle all aspects of crew payroll.
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Disciplinary Procedures
We will take on the more challenging aspects of employment. This includes overseeing disciplinary and grievances procedures, drug and alcohol testing and termination of employment.
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We are driving radical change...

In 2019, we were proud to accept the ‘Industry Disrupter’ award for the way in which we use Laserfiche to revolutionise communication within the yachting industry by using our electronic Safety Management System (eSMS).

Working with Laserfiche is what enables us to provide clear, fast and intelligent communication between ashore and onboard operations.

Find out more about our the Riela eSMS here.

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